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14 April 2016
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  • What is e-AMIS?

    e-AMIS, an intuitive wealth management system, supports the entire investment process straight-through. The functionality ranges from analysis and portfolio modelling, decision support and order management through to security accounting. Multifaceted performance evaluations, risk management, fee calculation, investment compliance as well as a comprehensive, customer-specific reporting module, complete the extensive range of features. The easy-to-use and cost-efficient software offers a high degree of flexibility.

  • Who works with e-AMIS?

    e-AMIS is used by investment advisors and portfolio managers at banks, asset managers, family offices and institutional investors.

  • Why customers choose to work with e-AMIS.

    e-AMIS is one of the most cost-efficient wealth management systems in its performance class. Portfolio managers and investment advisors of more than 50 clients rely on the expertise of e-AMIS. The system enhances the quality of the advisory process and saves time for optimal customer support. As a standard software program, e-AMIS enables companies to implement their business strategy efficiently throughout their organisation. Furthermore, customer-specific parameterisation and personal user profiles provide an exceptional level of individuality and flexibility.

  • Future-oriented investment protection.

    Banks, wealth managers and institutional investors will continue to be confronted with increasingly complex requirements. The flexibility of e-AMIS helps to address these challenges quickly and efficiently.

    Profidata is investing significant amounts in the further development of its software products. Functional expansion goes hand in hand with technical re-engineering. The on-going revitalisation of aged software structures in small and easily manageable steps keeps e-AMIS at the cutting edge of developments.

  • Simple and convenient to use.

    e-AMIS's modern design ensures maximum user comfort. The Windows interface is programmed entirely in Java, with intuitive navigation that is easy to use. A variety of search and filter criteria are available to ensure rapid, targeted access to the desired information. The software is designed in multiple languages, and the language can be changed by the user at any time.

  • Sound advice, sound decisions.

    The asset overview in e-AMIS provides a detailed breakdown of the allocation of assets and displays opportunities and risks (exposure) at a glance. e-AMIS's cashflow projection provides an outlook into the future. Investment and regrouping proposals according to various investment strategies, defined recommendation lists and allocation can be created quickly and easily during discussions with customers. Multi-facetted simulation options pave the way for future-proof decisions: what-if analyses for market scenarios such as shifts in interest and exchange rates, as well as investment strategy tests in the case of strategy changes or the inflow/outflow of funds.

  • Simple consolidation of portfolios.

    A particular highlight is the fact that all functions can be applied not only for individual portfolios but also for an infinite number of consolidated portfolios. This also extends to portfolios managed at third-party banks.

  • Modelling, optimisation and central management of portfolios.

    Central portfolio management by e-AMIS provides users with powerful tools for global portfolio construction. For example, individual stocks can be purchased, sold or swapped for another stock in multiple portfolios in a single action. The program also offers a sophisticated rebalancing function enabling automatic alignment with a defined strategy, as well as the option of manual or automatic modelling at the user's discretion, while highly developed functions can be used for automatic portfolio construction via model portfolios, risk-return optimizers and benchmarking. As part of this process, the e-AMIS Investment Compliance Module ensures adherence to legal, contractual and individual investment restrictions.

  • Success made visible.

    e-AMIS fulfils the latest standards in terms of performance calculation (GIPS 2010), calculating performance at position level as IRR, MWR, MWR absolute, TWR and TWR absolute true daily. The contribution and attribution analyses allow success to be displayed transparently.

    e-AMIS offers highly developed yet highly customised reporting as standard. The reports can be adapted by the user in line with their requirements, complete with folder structure and pre-defined modules. Advanced reporting requirements can also be easily accommodated. Profidata can also set up individual, high-quality reporting pursuant to Corporate Design guidelines on request.

  • State-of-the-art technology.

    e-AMIS is equally suitable from smaller to large-scale organisations with several hundred workstations. The foundation for this is provided by high-performance n-tier architecture, complete with databases, application servers and Java Client. A cache memory ensures the fastest possible response times with narrow bandwidths, while the addition of multiple application servers allows availability to be increased infinitely in line with prevailing requirements. Thanks to its fully transaction-oriented working method, e-AMIS can be adapted quickly and flexibly to changes, for example, by generating reports retroactively as of the cut-off date or by implementing alternative fee models.

    e-AMIS is Internet-enabled and ideally suited for use in banks with decentralised structures. Investment and private customer advisors in the branches and in the field are given optimum support.

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