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19 October 2015
Mobiliar Asset Management implements XENTIS from Profidata  More
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26 November 2015 - 27 November 2015
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The Management Board.

Our Management Board has an exceptional level of experience and continuity and consists of proven decision-makers. Our clients can be assured of a stable and efficient business relationship.

Profidata Group Management Board
Peter Klein, Sales & Marketing
Christian Montangero, Finance & Controlling
Christian Widmer, CEO
Roger Wildi, Customer Services
Marco Persi, Development

Urdorf (near Zurich)
Ares Bernasconi, Deputy Management Board
Urs Seiler, Deputy Management Board

Gunther Glabbatz, Regional Director
Richard Kauppert, Regional Director
Ralf Spöth, Regional Director

Andreas Funk, Regional Director

Roberto Olivieri, Managing Director

Peter Klein, Management Board

Marcel Schwertfeger, Managing Director

itechx GmbH
Volker Braunberger, Managing Director

Ares Bernasconi
Urs Seiler
Gunther Glabbatz
Richard Kauppert
Richard Kauppert
Ralf Spöth
Ralf Spöth
Andreas Funk
Andreas Funk
Roberto Olivieri
Marcel Schwertfeger
Marcel Schwertfeger
Volker Braunberger
Volker Braunberger